Activity Motor Skills Toy

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Activity Motor Skills Toy

Activity Motor Skills Toy

Activity Motor Skills Toy for twisting, turning and fitting wooden coloured shapes onto screwing rods and peg rods.

This wooden, primary coloured activity skills toy will allow children to practice their fine motor skills by twisting and screwing shapes on the wooden rods and tricky shaped peg rods, which need hand eye co ordination to allow the pieces to fit correctly.


The base is a wooden circular structure and the five rods include two twisting and turning rods and three structured rods that allow the shape to be fitted onto them by turning and manipulating until it fits. There are 16 primary coloured shapes which each have a rod to fit onto.

A great addition to your shapes resources for childminders, pre schools and nurseries.


Age 3 +


 Size of base 21cm

Rod height 11 cm

Shapes range from 5 cm to 6 cm

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