Beads and Buttons at The Childminding Shop 
Bead craft activities at The Childminding Shop include, large beads, wood beads, chunky beads,letter beads, alphabet beads, number beads, craft  buttons and laces for childminders.

At the Childminding Shop we have a good range of craft beads in our arts & crafts supplies, we have beads and buttons in our fine motor toys selection.
We offer chunky beads for small hands, large hole beads and coloured laces to encourage children in their bead craft and threading skills. We have animal beads and wood beads in boxes to keep them from getting lost. 
Our craft buttons come in a range of mixed colours, and can be used for threading, gluing or with sewing kits for kids.

A wide range of beads and buttons suitable for early years

We also have a Threading and Lacing Section in our Toys and Games Category.

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